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Filipina Dating

I really excited when every time I saw a picture of our native people dancing with our folk dance. It’s wonderful to see them most specially the 3rd picture sewing her dress maybe, She captures the Filipino image.

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Great dance!!!And the poses given by those gals are cute!

Aston Martin Middle East

As usual the shots are awesome!!!Keep up your good work!!

Major Tom

Oi, congrats to you. You deserve this so fittingly. I was just too busy busy bro and didn't notice this good news so early. Again congrats and wish u more success in coming years.


Une belle série de photos hautes en couleurs
Bon dimanche Sidney ;-)

Andrew Gould

A beautiful series, full of life. What is there not to like here!


You mean they just loiter there? What are they doing?


An excellent series of shot. The street scenes are amazing and perfected documented. Bravo :)


it's just like everybody's at home...

SD (Aspherical)

I like the colorful crowd in the first one! I'm glad you found a festival in Hong Kong, too! Nice work.


elles sont jolies.


Funny combination of shots.
But piece by piece good photos!

dodong flores

Nice shots as always!


Fine street shots of the dancers. The lady sewing has removed her shoes.... must be comfortably warm there.

Michael Rawluk

I love the third shot of the woman sewing.

dong ho

funny sid coz even when you went to hong kong, you're still featuring filipinos. this blog is indeed deserves the name sari sari store!


i find the shot of the lady sowing (working?) by the side of the road especially touching.


Wonderful set . I love this picture with a lady sewing and sitting on the street . It is fantastic !


My favorite is of the one of the woman sewing on the side of the road. Great candid moment.


what good timing to be there. i'm sure our fellows enjoyed this glimpse of home. :)

i like the 3rd pic in this series. so unassuming: business attire in the gutter. haha.


The women seem to be doing all the work, Sidney! :D I love it.


you always seems to be in the middle of a parade or party !


Still of pleasant photos of this artistic manifestation..


Beautiful people shots.

I never knew that there's such event in HK.


Certains s'amusent pendant que d'autres bossent

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